Pioneer Title Agency In the News

April 16, 2018

Koins for Kingman Kids

When our Kingman Branch reached out to the Kingman Unified School District food program for their Old School project, they found out that the program was in a deficit of $70,000.00. To help the district, our Kingman branch provided them with necessary meals so that the children could learn to the best of their abilities.

The branch also held a raffle, collecting change for the district. In addition to this, the branch hosted a luncheon to welcome the nearly 100 new teachers to the KUSD schools in which they talked about Pioneer Title Agency’s services and our Agency in Action program. The branch encouraged the teachers to reach out throughout the school year with any needs that they may have.

The KUSD food program insures all children have the availability of breakfast and lunch and no child is turned away and every child is fed the same meal. The district also works with the Boys and Girls Club and the Kingman Parks and Rec during the summer break to insure the children have an opportunity for breakfast and lunch.