How to get S’more for your listing!

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  1. First Impressions Matter: It’s true, first impressions matter when it comes to home buying. More often than not, buyers are starting their home search online. Because of this, you must make an excellent digital impression with your house. We recommend springing for things like professional photography and staging. 75% of consumers believe that professional photography helped a listing stand out online. This online presence is where buyers will get their first opinion of your home, and it’s value. If they don’t like what they see online, they will most likely skip seeing the house in person.But the first impression goes past online. If your beautiful photos did convince them to check out your home in person, the first impression they have will be your curb appeal. That’s right; your buyers have already judged a lot before even stepping through your door! Spruce up your front exterior with inexpensive shrubs and brightly colored flowers. You can typically get a 100% return on your money!
  2. Always be Show Ready: We know, it’s exhausting, you need to be “show-ready” at all times. BUT this is very important because you never know when someone will want to see your house. Make sure you are as accommodating as possible. If you want your home to go to the highest bidder, you will need to get as many showing as possible. A great tip? Have a showing plan in place! Start by keeping your house tidy – but when that call comes in quick things like wiping down the counters, making sure there are no dishes in the sink or dishwasher and taking the fur babies out are great things to help you get out the door quickly! Some tools that are helpful for quick tidy ups: Febreze/scented candle, Swiffer Mop, Clorox Wipes.
  3. Conceal the Critters: Don’t get us wrong, we are aaallll about the Pioneer pups and other furry friends – but not everyone feels that way. Not everyone is a dog or cat lover. You don’t want someone walking into your home and smelling the litter box, seeing a dusting of hair, of tripping over a bowl full of dog food. These things give buyers the impression that the home is not clean or well kept. When showings come, pack up the fur friends and their stuff and take them on a walk!
  4. Take the home out of your house: One of the first things to do when thinking of listing? DEPERSONALIZE IT! You want buyers to walk into your home and be able to see themselves living there. That is a little hard to do when family photos, memorabilia, and personal keepsakes are everywhere. Pack those items up (you’re going to have to pack them up sooner or later) and put them in storage. If you took the advice in tip number one, your stager will be able to help you fill in anywhere that feels empty.
  5. Don’t Over-Upgrade: Yes, quick fixes before selling are great! But these are QUICK fixes like patching nail holes, repainting, cleaning the curtains, replacing the door handles/cabinet hardware, deep cleaning the grout. Usually, it is best to steer clear of the mammoth makeovers. You will most like not get your money back if you dive into a massive improvement project before your home hits the market.
  6. Use the Right Agent: One way to kill your selling your home? Hire the wrong agent. Make sure you have an agent who is informed and ready to work for you! They are crucial when it comes to finding the correct comps and pricing your home right. Pricing your home right is KEY to getting reasonable offers, and a good agent will help you do that. Usually, sellers want to overinflate the list price to get higher offers. Unfortunately, this often leads to a lower final sales price.
  7. Let There Be Light: You want your home to be bright and cheery. Home shoppers ranked good light right after location when hunting for a home. Because of this, you want to do everything to light up your home. Some great ideas include; removing drapes, cleaning the windows, changing out the lampshades, increasing the wattage of your bulbs, and trimming bushes outside your windows.
  8. No Clutter and Half-Empty Closets: Tip number four was all about taking the home out of your house – and this goes hand in hand. You want people to picture themselves living there, which is hard to do when they are overwhelmed by your stuff. Be sure to pack up clutter and even empty some of your closets! Storage is something everyone wants. By taking out half the things in your closet and neatly organizing what’s left, the closets will feel spacious and tidy!

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