Pioneer Title Agency's Logo Competition

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As many of you know, in June, we hosted a logo competition for kids (preschool to high school) in our Pioneer Title family to submit artwork for our Old School Philanthropy initiative. Who better to make the logo for this initiative than Arizona students? We liked all the submissions so much we weren’t able to just choose one design, so we combined elements from three into our final logo! Starting today, we will choose one of the submissions to post on Facebook every day for the next two weeks! We will wrap it up by posting the final logo, which will be included along with the three winners: Holli Fox, age 9, from Gilbert (the school house);  Alise Fox, age 7, from Gilbert (the “Old School” writing); and Brady Beaman, age 6, from Sierra Vista (the bus). We are so grateful to all of the kids who participate–each and every one rocked! Be sure to follow along on Facebook to check out their artwork!