Secure Act 2020: How You Can Show Support

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On March eighteenth, two U.S. Senators, Senator Kevin Cramer, and Senator Mark Warner introduced a bill known as the SECURE Notarization Act. Here at Pioneer Title Agency, we believe this bill is the perfect answer to what our communities currently need. We stand in support of this bill. If passed, this would allow the nationwide use of remote online notarization (RON). With RON, customers and notaries can be in different locations during the signing. With technology like two-way audio-visual communication, individuals can safely and securely execute essential documents. To help keep our communities, team members, customers, and families healthy, the need for social distancing becomes extremely important. This bill is the perfect solution for that. With this bill, Title Companies would be able to provide options to consumers to close their transactions without coming in contact with anyone. We believe this technology is vital for those who are high-risk. With care facilities on lockdown, we have not been able to schedule a notary in the facility, and these older, high-risk people cannot leave, for obviously good reason. With RON, they can remain safe while closing their escrow transaction. At this time, Pioneer Title Agency is working with the American Land Title Association, other trade associations, and industry partners to support an effort to pass the bill. Initially, RON was supposed to be available in Arizona on July first. But now, the Secretary of State is indicating they are not planning on implementing on July first. The SECURE Notarization Act would allow us to use RON immediately. Thirteen states already use Remote Online Notarization. Because of this, Pioneer Title Agency has been able to use the technology on some transactions. Unfortunately, these transactions have to meet a long list of qualifications. As a result, most transactions at Pioneer Title Agency require an in-person notary. During this pandemic, most people should be staying at home. Requiring people to leave for a notary service seems foolish, especially when the technology is available. Passing this bill would allow more people the opportunity to stay home for their real estate closing. Please show your support for this bill. Follow the link below to show your support!    Click this  Support S. 3533, the SECURE Notarization Act then follow the directions.