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The same dedication as 1985, but fewer shoulder pads.


Pioneer Title Agency was founded in 1985 by Bob and Betty Newlon along with their son, Keith and his wife, Cindy. They started with two offices in Cochise County and grew the company to more than 70 branches throughout Arizona. 

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“Our success is directly linked to our people. Our team and ‘local-first’ company culture are of what we are most proud” – Bob Newlon | Founder

The heart of Pioneer Title Agency always has been—and always will be—the people. We have more than 600 employees, and there is a spirit that permeates the company and binds us all together. Our supportive environment doesn’t end when we walk out the door at the end of the day. The team is family—always. We celebrate our successes. We lift each other up. We laugh. We listen. And we have each other’s backs when things get tough. In turn, this level of support allows our team to provide our customers with the best service possible.

At Pioneer Title Agency, everything we do is in the hopes of leaving things better. Sure, that means cleaning up your title work and providing an excellent escrow experience. But it also means helping our communities. Whether it be by volunteering or donating, our teams are always looking for ways to give back and enrich the communities where we live and work. 


At Pioneer Title Agency we promise to: 

Do the Right Thing

We do right by our team, our community, and our customers. We put people before profit. We approach our ideas with innovative thinking. When challenges come our way, we ask ourselves, “Can we do it?” and if it is at all possible, we deliver.  

FOSTER a warm, Family Relationship

We are proud to be a family-owned company, but we are even more proud that each of our employees is considered “family.” Additionally, we are excited to welcome our customers into the Pioneer family because we care deeply about protecting them. We understand purchasing, selling, or refinancing a home is an intimate process – and are honored to be a part of the transaction.


We educate our customers on their transactions and provide them with the tools to protect their property, funds, and family. We advocate for them in regard to important matters such as; Remote Online Notarization (RON), Wire Transfer Fraud, and RESPA. And we continue to protect them by staying in the know and being active members of industry associations such as; American Land Title Association, Land Title Association of Arizona, American Escrow Association, Arizona State Escrow Association, and more.

Protect the team

Our success is directly linked to our people. We lift up our team members, provide learning opportunities, and promote growth from within. We aim to have all our employees feel heard by providing multiple opportunities to voice their ideas.  The support goes well beyond business. When someone is facing adversity, we are there to help.


We promise to stay weird. We are a company made up of diverse people and are not afraid to be different. We understand our strength comes from our differences, and we encourage our team members to play to their strengths for the benefit of the team. 

Love Arizona

We are proud to be an Arizona company. We support our communities by supplying career opportunities, protecting property rights, using the services of other local businesses, and getting involved in local causes. We love our communities because it is where we live and work.

Leave Things Better

At Pioneer Title Agency, everything we do is in hopes of leaving things better and spreading positivity. We understand the real estate process is a stressful time, and we go above the standard to educate and empower our people and our customers to provide an experience to remember.

From simple phone calls to massive community projects, we hope to make lives better because we were a part of it.

Join the PTA Family!


As an Arizona company, we strive to always leave a positive impact and make this state the best it can be. Our team members are continually serving their community, whether it be by volunteering or donating. That’s why we established our Commitment to Community Fund with the Arizona Community Foundation. Now, our love for Arizona and giving will have longevity beyond our individual efforts.



Blood Donation


Food Drive

Golf Tournament

Jenny at the Boys and Girls Club




Our responsibility, as an escrow company, is to act as a neutral third party, holding all documents and monies as required by the purchase contract and guaranteeing no funds or property will change hands until all of the terms and conditions in the contract have been met.


We offer title services and insurance! The title gives the holder the right to possess, occupy, use, control, enjoy, and dispose of the land. In other words, the title conveys the rights of ownership to the property. Title insurance protects from possible issues or defects in the title.


One of the advantages of using Pioneer Title Agency is the strength of our Developer Services Group.
Located in key areas throughout the state, we assist you through the complex development process. We can work with your engineers and attorneys to ensure that your project meets its full potential.

We offer the following services:

  • Land Acquisition Title Research and Insurance
  • Development and Construction Loan Title and Escrow Services
  • Arizona Department of Real Estate filings
  • Sale-out Title and Escrow Services
  • Subdivision Trusts
  • Construction Disbursements and Inspection


We provide Trustee Sale Guarantees and facilitates foreclosure sales throughout the State of Arizona. Our team’s extensive knowledge ensures every part of the foreclosure process will be handled within the required timelines.

Services we provide:

  • Order and preparation of Trustee Sale Guarantee report
  • Preparation and recordation of all default documents
  • Compliance of all statutory requirements for notifications, posting and service, and publication dates
  • Compliance with HUD and VA guidelines
  • Supervision of trustee sales
  • Post foreclosure title insurance policies


We maintain the records for all payments paid and disbursed, hold important documents in safe-keeping, and process the applicable releases when the loan is paid in full. Also, everyone involved can rest assured that any transaction involving their loan will be documented with accurate accounting.

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