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       DO THE RIGHT THING                                            FOSTER A WARM, FAMILY

              do the right thing                                     RELATIONSHIP
       We promise to always choose the harder "right" versus
       the easier "wrong." We promise to do right by our team,              family relationships
       our  community,  and  our  customers.  Our  duty  as  a       Pioneer Title Agency is proud to be a family-owned
       company, is to act as a neutral third party and do the        company, but we are even more proud that each of our
       right  thing  for  all  parties  involved.  We  hold  all     employees is considered "family." We encourage team
       documents  and  monies  as  required  by  the  purchase       members to make their office their own home away from
       contract  and  guarantee  no  funds  or  property  will       home and to establish relationships with one another.
       change  hands  until  all  of  the  necessary  terms  and
       conditions in the contract have been met.                     We promise to treat our team members as family. We
                                                                     know with a tight bond, we will be stronger in the long
       We  strive  to  do  the  right  thing  in  every  situation.  We  run, because at Pioneer Title Agency, our people are our
       promise  to  lead  our  industry  by  setting  an  example  of  future. That is why we take time to work hard AND play
       honesty and hard work. When challenges come our way,          hard. We promise to value our time together by
       we  ask  ourselves,  "Can  we  do  it?"  and  if  it  is  at  all  providing opportunities for us to gather, celebrate, and
       possible, we deliver.                                         get to know each other outside of the office.

       We promise to do things differently. In the real estate       Not  only  are  we  family  internally,  but  we  promise  to
       industry,  it  is  common  for  decisions  to  be  made  based  welcome  each  customer  into  this  family  too.  We  are
       off  of  numbers–  that  is  not  the  Pioneer  Title  Agency  excited  to  welcome  our  customers  into  the  Pioneer
       way. We promise to have an approach that challenges           family because we care deeply about protecting them.
       the  norm.  We  promise  to  put  people  before  profit.  We  We  understand  purchasing,  selling,  or  refinancing  a
       promise to approach our ideas with innovative thinking.       home is an intimate process – and are honored to be a
       We promise to do right by our customers, always.              part of the transaction!

       ASK YOURSELF:                                                 ASK YOURSELF:

       “Can we do it?” How can I go above to do right by our         How can I create a culture of family in my office? Am I
       customers and team members?                                   treating  my  customers  how  I  would  treat  my  family
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