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                protect the team
        At Pioneer Title Agency we know our success is directly
        linked to our people. We promise to help and cheer our
        team  members  as  they  grow,  both  in  and  out  of  the
        office.  We believe some of our strongest leaders within
        this  organization  started  at  entry-level  jobs.  Having
        them find success on their own path is much better than
        having  a  stuffy  corporate  culture  that  is  focused  on
        quarterly earnings reports and investors.

        We  promise  to  lift  our  team  members  up,  provide
        learning opportunities, and promote growth from within.
        We  aim  to  have  all  our  employees  feel  heard  by
        providing multiple opportunities to voice their ideas.

        In  order  for  our  team  members  to  grow  and  become
        their best selves, we understand we must be their ally.
        We promise to work with our team and champion them in
        good and bad times. We provide competitive benefits to
        protect our team in and out of the office. We work hard
        to protect jobs even in the down cycles.                     PROTECT THE CUSTOMER:
                                                                           protect the Customer
        The support goes well beyond business. It does not start
                                                                     At Pioneer Title Agency, protecting the customer reaches
        at 8 AM and end at 5 PM. This team is family always.
                                                                     far past title insurance. With 100’s of years of combined,
        When someone is facing adversity, we are there to help
                                                                     local title and escrow experience, we ensure the rights to
        those in need. Whether they or their family is affected
                                                                     the customer's property are fully disclosed, and that the
        by a hardship, they will be supported.  We believe this
                                                                     transfer  of  title  is  completed  with  service  that  is  timely,
        level  of  support  allows  our  team  to  provide
                                                                     professional, and personal, but not stuffy.
        our customers with the BEST service possible.
        ASK YOURSELF:                                                We promise to educate the customer on their transaction
                                                                     and provide them with the tools to protect their property,
        Am I listening to my team members ideas? How can I
                                                                     funds,  and  family.  At  Pioneer  Title  Agency,  we  aim  to
        champion (support) my PTA family in and out of the
                                                                     provide an exceptional experience and want to know if
                                                                     we did not meet that mark so we can make things right.

                                                                     We  promise  to  protect  the  customer  by  staying  in  the
                                                                     know and being active members of associations such as;
                                                                     American Land Title Association, Land Title Association of
                                                                     Arizona,  American  Escrow  Association,  Arizona  State
                                                                     Escrow Association, and more.

                                                                     We promise to remain Real Estate Settlement Procedures
                                                                     Act  (RESPA)  compliant  in  all  our  transactions  and
                                                                     relationships. We fight for our customers by advocating
                                                                     for them in regard to important matters such as; Remote
                                                                     Online Notarization (RON), Wire Transfer Fraud, RESPA,
                                                                     and more.

                                                                     ASK YOURSELF:
                                                                     Have I verbally warned the customer about wire fraud?
                                                                     What  tools  can  I  provide  to  ensure  the  customer  is
                                                                     prepared and confident in their transaction?
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