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BE DIFFERENT                                                 LOVE ARIZONA

             be different                                                  love Arizona
       We promise to stay “weird.” We are a company made up         We  are  proud  to  be  an  Arizona  company,  living  and
       of diverse people, and as such we do not shy away from       working  alongside  our  customers  in  the  same
       being  different  from  our  peer  group.  We  set  our  own  communities. By offering our services and having offices
       standards  and  strive  to  be  an  example.  We  likewise   in  small  towns  and  urban  centers;  Pioneer  provides
       embrace  the  individuality  of  our  team  members  and     exceptional  careers  that  help  boost  our  economy  all
       branches. We understand our strength comes from our          across this great state. We support our communities by
       differences. We understand every team member brings          supplying  career  opportunities,  protecting  property
       value and plays an important role in who we are.             rights, using the services of other local businesses, and
                                                                    getting  involved  in  local  causes.  The  health  of  our
       We  encourage  our  team  members  to  play  to  their       communities and our company are deeply tied, and we
       strengths  for  the  benefit  of  the  team  by  utilizing   promise  to  do  what  we  can  to  help  make  Arizona  a
       behavioral  analysis  and  communication  tools.  Because    better place to live and work.
       every  role,  from  entry  level  to  management,  plays  an
       integral part in Pioneer Title Agency.                       At Pioneer Title Agency, we do what we can for Arizona
                                                                    through  our  philanthropic  efforts.  Every  year  we  work
       We support our branch offices adding their own pizzazz       together for a special cause. We love Arizona.
       and  sparkle  to  their  transactions  and  their  community.
       We promise to serve our community and customers with         ASK YOURSELF:
       a sprinkle of fun and a smile on the side! We promise to     What are the specific needs within my community? How
       provide  a  hometown,  family-feel.  We  promise  to  let    can I make a difference in the community where I live
       entire teams embrace their individuality!                    and work?


       What can I do to be “weird” today? How can I make my
       customers feel more than a number?
                                                                     LEAVE THINGS BETTER
                                                                           leave things better
                                                                     At Pioneer Title Agency, everything we do is in hopes of
                                                                     leaving things better and spreading positivity. We aim to
                                                                     go above and beyond for our team, our customers, and
                                                                     our  communities.  From  simple  phone  calls  to  massive
                                                                     community  projects,  we  hope  to  make  lives  better
                                                                     because we were a part of it.

                                                                     Leaving things better is so much more than cleaning up
                                                                     title work, even though that is a big part of what we do.
                                                                     We  understand  a  real  estate  purchase  is  a  stressful
                                                                     time, and we need to go above the standard to educate
                                                                     and empower our people and our customers to provide
                                                                     an experience to remember.

                                                                     YOU matter, YOU are important. Our company is better
                                                                     because of each team member and every customer that
                                                                     we serve.  Our hope is that YOUR life is better because
                                                                     of US.

                                                                     ASK YOURSELF:

                                                                     How  can  I  end  this  interaction  with  the  other  person
                                                                     happier than when I met them? How can I improve and
                                                                     help  the  small  details  shine?  Did  individuals  feel
                                                                     understood and important? Am I accessible?
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