A Listing to Make you "Scream"

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At first glance, you may see this listing photo at think it is your typical photo caught at golden hour. But as you look closer, you may notice an eerie figure on the porch. Yep, throughout the listing photos, you can find Ghostface from the “Scream” horror series. From preparing a pumpkin in the kitchen to raking the back yard to hiding in the basement, he is everywhere! Pyle explained this idea was on his to-do list for a long time, but he never got around to it until now. His photographer friend helped him execute his plan. He explained, “It was something I actually was talking about with my photographer, who is a friend of mine, and we were talking about something fun we could do, and we went back and forth and come up with Ghostface.” From there, he pitched the idea to the sellers, and with their blessing, he became Ghostface! He loved adding a splash of fun to his marketing, “Life is so serious. Sometimes it’s worthwhile to give people something to laugh about.” Those laughs went quite a long way! The Century 21 agent was hoping to get around 1,000 views on the Zillow Listing. Well, as of today, he is at 1,592,126 views, and 8,049 saves! I think it’s safe to say; he hit his views goal. And these views have translated to “a slew of showings.” Pyle says he will keep this spooky spirit going for all of October. He is brainstorming more marketing ideas for listings and open houses. For Pyle, it’s all about having fun, taking chances, and learning to be a better agent. He encourages all agents to do that! “Of course, make sure your clients approve, but just get out there and have fun. It’s how you learn!” One thing is for sure; we are all about some fun marketing approaches! We would love to hear your stories! Need help coming up with some fun marketing ideas? We have a marketing department for that! Contact us today! Source Zillow Listing