Pioneer Title Agency In the News

July 21, 2018

Bullhead City North Branch Helps Raise Over $10,000 for Homeless Children in Local School District

The Bullhead City North Branch sponsored a benefit concert in December that raised over $10,000 for homeless children and families in the Bullhead City Elementary and Colorado River Union High School districts.

With donations from multiple local businesses, as well as from Pioneer Title Agency, the school district was able to:

  • Purchase 90 lice kits, 50 pairs of socks, 11 packages of underwear and 104 pairs of tennis shoes
  • Buy three bus tickets for a family to travel and support their daughter during a major surgery
  • Pay one month of rent to a local family in order to free them of temporary housing
  • Start a food closet for children who may have limited access to food on the weekends
  • Provide one week of child care to one young couple so they could take their final exams and graduate high school
  • Aid one student who was at-risk of dropping out of school for financial reasons
  • Help a single mom of a current student find a full-time job and get off welfare
  • Assist a student, who was sleeping in the park, find access to temporary housing and materials needed in order to graduate. The same student has now enlisted in the Army thanks to his high school diploma.

Due to the success of the event, the branch plans to hold another concert in November.

Team members included Branch Manager, Janice Burkey,  as well as Lauren Diaz, Dena Yeager, Heather Feil, Russ Acock and Amy Prince-Auld.