Get Your Home Trick or Treat Ready!

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The Pioneer Title Agency Family is excited for Halloween! If you stop by our offices, you will find most have spooky decor and delicious candy out!  We hope you are just as excited for the season! As a homeowner, there a few things you can ensure Halloween is a fun and safe night. If you expect trick-or-treaters to come to your home, you will want to make sure it’s a safe trip to the candy bowl!  Here are a few things to have in order before the 31st!  Trip or Treat! Kids are pretty excited for this nigh- some giddy ghosts or peppy princesses may be overanxious as they run to your door! Be prepared.  During the day, inspect your lawn, driveway, and walking path for hazards. These hazards could be exposed roots, missing pavers, large cracks in your concrete, or chords lighting up your awesome Halloween decorations. Where possible, make it a safe space to walk. For areas that you are not able to fix (like that giant root in your front yard), cut off access by putting out some spooky decorations!  Light it up!  Make sure your home and walkways are bright enough for your goblin friends to approach safely.  If you don’t have year-round landscape lighting, don’t worry! There are plenty of temporary and cost-effective options! From glowsticks to tea lights and more!      Beware of Fire!  According to FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency), Halloween experiences more fires than a typical October night.  As you decorate, opt for decorations that are not as flammable. If you do adorn your home with the paper, dried cornstalks, and hay, keep them away from heat sources and candles.  When lighting up your luminaries and jack-o-lanterns, opt for battery-powered candles instead of open flames!    Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!  From your friends at Pioneer Title Agency, we hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween! Get excited for a festive parade of superheroes, ghouls, witches, and MORE!  Source