Gratitude and Thankful Turkeys!

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We made it to November! The month that kicks off the holidays and all things festive! And while the holidays can be full of joy, sometimes we all need an extra pick-up to make it to the new year (especially when it’s been a year that has felt like a trainwreck inside a dumpster fire). 
Luckily, there is an easy way to lift the spirits built right into the November Holiday! Research suggests that expressing gratitude can make you happier! 
With a gratitude practice, individuals acknowledge the goodness in their life! Psychology research shows that gratitude and happiness are strongly and consistently associated with each other. 
We are here to help spark some happiness for you this month. We want to introduce Tom, the thankful turkey! The free download below includes a turkey and feather template. Every day, you can decorate a feather and write what you are grateful for. The more you add, the bigger your turkey will be! As you do this daily, Tom will be ready for Thanksgiving! 
We would love to see your turkeys and share them on our social media! Please send us your photos to social@ptaaz.com or tag us on Facebook and Instagram! @pioneertitleagency (Instagram) @PioneerTitleAgencyArizona (Facebook).
Turkeys not your style? Here are some other great ways to practice gratitude: 

  • Write a thank-you note
  • Thank someone mentally
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Count your blessings
  • Meditate

We are thankful for all of you this holiday season! We hope you find little ways to spark joy in your life. 
Download Thankful Turkey


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