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July 23, 2019

If Only Honest Abe had Title Insurance…

Abe Lincoln was born in February of 1809. At that time, home was a one-room cabin in Kentucky. This cabin and the 300 acres cost a whopping $200. Unfortunately, the Lincoln family didn’t have the correct papers. Because of this, another family had a better claim to the land.

This forced Abe’s family to move out when he was only three years old. Four years later, the Lincoln family had to go to bat for their property rights AGAIN. Tom, Abe’ father, was able to win the suit when he went down to court. As you can imagine, losing your home (twice) can make you a little skittish over title issues. That is why the Lincolns moved to Indiana our of fear of losing another property.

If only Pioneer Title Agency was around in 1809 – we could have helped honest Abe. You see, if Tom had purchased an owner’s title insurance policy, their losses would have been covered.

While this seems far-fetched, the same title flaws exist today. Make sure you protect your largest purchase and get an owner’s policy. We can’t say for sure We can’t be sure, but we have a feeling if PTA was around in the 1800’s Abe Lincoln would have been our number one fan!

Check out this awesome video for more info!