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The year 2020 has brought radical changes to the way we work, live, and view our world. At Pioneer Title Agency, everything we do is in the hopes of leaving things better. Sure, that means cleaning up title work and providing an excellent escrow experience, but it also means helping our communities. Whether through volunteering or donating, our teams are always looking for ways to give. There is a spirit of giving that permeates the Pioneer Title Agency family. Due to the massive spread of COVID-19 and our social distancing efforts, our team is not getting out into the community as much as normal. Volunteering is not a safe option for many currently, but donating is another way we can offer our assistance and support to our neighbors. Pioneer Title Agency has established a relationship with the Arizona Community Foundation (ACF), and now, our love for Arizona and giving will have longevity for many years to come. Through the fund established with the ACF, Pioneer Title is able to donate $10,000 each month for the rest of 2020. These grants will be awarded to Arizona organizations that are helping our communities! The first grant, given in May, was awarded to the ACF’s Arizona COVID-19 Community Response Fund. To decide where the June grant should be focused, a survey was sent to all Pioneer employees, and the ACF’s Black Philanthropy Initiative was the top voted charity by a large margin. There will be surveys every month to continually receive valuable input from the team as to where the greatest needs are in our communities*.
Though we have made a lot of rapid changes because of the pandemic, our industry has not been affected as severely as many others. Many are hurting, and the Arizona COVID-19 Community Response Fund is providing grants to support non- profit organizations across the state as they respond to the impact of COVID-19 within our community. They have already given to nearly 700 grant recipients many of which are organizations our team members have also suggested.
In addition to leaving things better, we aim to always do the right thing, and the right thing is to stand up against racism and injustice. Pioneer and Yavapai Title agencies do not tolerate racism or discrimination and strive to foster an inclusive home for all our team members and customers. We are proud to support the ACF’s Black Philanthropy Initiative (BMI) and their mission, “to advance equity, leadership and social justice for African Americans,” as June’s grant recipient. This initiative includes specific funds for education, STEAM, social justice, and capacity building. Recently, they have awarded $40,000 to support the health and safety of African Americans during the pandemic.  
We support each of our team members in their efforts to get involved in your communities and be a force of positive change. In addition to our company-wide efforts, we encourage and support the Pioneer Family to you participate on a board (like a non-profit doing excellent work in their community), in a group (Local Chamber organizations, AZ Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Black Chamber of Arizona, Rotary, or similar organizations), or participate in a local event, you will be supported. We have a commitment to leave things better, and we hope that these efforts are felt company-wide and individually. Together we can make an incredible impact in Arizona.
*All grant recommendations are subject to the Arizona Community Foundation’s final approval.