National Daughters Day at Pioneer Title Agency

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Happy National Daughters Day! We are lucky to have a few dynamic parent/daughter duos in our midst. Below, some of those duos shared what it’s like to work together! Stefanie Tavares (Senior Escrow Officer), Brittney Hay (Escrow Officer), and Dixie Lidia (Retired Escrow Officer): Brittney Hay, my daughter, Dixie Lidia, my mom, and I, Stefanie Tavares, were a three-generation branch at the Higley office.  Dixie retired almost 4 years ago, and we miss her very much.  Her clients miss her too.  We still get calls and visits from old clients hoping to connect with her.  Most of Dixie’s previous clients now work with Brittney and love knowing she is Dixie’s granddaughter. Britt and I continue to work together as a team.  We are a dynamic duo, and our clients have a peace of mind knowing that they receive twice the care and attention.  We both feel very lucky to have the privilege of working for a company that supports families working together.  We truly have a very special Mother/Daughter relationship and love working with each other.  I have been in the industry for almost 28 years, and have spent more than 10 of those years with Pioneer Title Agency.  Brittney has worked with me for 7 of those great years, and I can honestly say that the best years of my career are the ones we have been able to share as a family. Valerie Elliott (Escrow Officer) and Kayla Ricke (Escrow Assistant) We enjoy the opportunity of being able to share this journey with each other. Together, we accomplish the true meaning of teamwork professionally and personally.     Teresa Cossey (Escrow Officer) and Becca Cossey (Escrow Assistant) Working together as a mother-daughter duo is extremely rewarding.  The time Teresa and Becca get to spend together bonding over a career they are both passionate about is priceless.  Sharing and teaching Becca escrow, watching her grow in her career and as a woman are opportunities Teresa is extremely grateful for.  For Becca, learning alongside her mom, and seeing her passion for her career, has inspired Becca to continue in the title and escrow business.  Of course, all this time spent together can be challenging at times, though Teresa and Becca work hard to keep work and personal life separate.   Cathy Laganosky (Chief Financial Officer) and Amanda Laganosky (Team Relations Coordinator) Being a military spouse and a working mom, my daughters often went to work with me, but usually on nights and weekends when I would play “catch-up”.  All three were exposed early on to Mom’s job as a CPA, especially during tax season. Amanda was very young, in fact, when I went back to work after only 2 days off for her delivery, I had to do payroll! She often came to work and played in her car seat, playpen and later running around the office. All of my girls began working in my firm, doing filing and general office duties at about age 12. As each one left home for college, the other took over helping Mom, Amanda was no exception.  I came to work for Pioneer in 2007. Amanda came to work for Pioneer in 2012, doing general office work and the mail. When she left for college at ASU in Tempe, she transferred to Pioneer in Maricopa County, working in several of our offices assisting with answering phones before finally landing in Chandler as an Escrow Assistant. She listened and was taught a lot and she was able to translate this experience along with her education into her current position as Team Relations Coordinator. Needless to say, I am a proud Mom and blessed that Pioneer Title Agency has provided her the opportunity to fulfill her dreams. Brenda Martinez (Chief Title Officer – YTA) and Krysta Curry (Title Examiner -YTA) We enjoy working together!  We both learn things from each other! Edwin Lamoreaux (VP Area Manager) and Ashley Peterson (Marketing)  I love working with my youngest daughter. Ashley is really smart! I look good just standing next to her. Growing up, I always loved my dad’s office. It was a treat when he would take me with for late-night visits or an office pop-by. The offices always had the COOLEST stationery and a million stamps (sorry for young Ashley wasting all of your ink). As I got older, I realized there was more to my dad’s job than stamps and stationery.  I really admired my father’s work ethic and knew I wanted to follow in his legacy. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with my dad – he has taught me so much and always knows how to make me laugh! I am also grateful I got to grow up around the industry and PTA team. It is pretty great when the people you work with watched you grow up; Pioneer really is an extension of my family! Our story is the story of our people! Though it is true we have many actual families working together in our team, there is a spirit that permeates the company and binds us all together as a Pioneer family. We hope you take time to celebrate today!