Pioneer Title Agency Takes Mom & Pop to Another Level

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– Amy Darte

“I would just like to say that being here at Pioneer Title is one of the best experiences I have ever had. Not only my office team but the entire company working together the way we do is phenomenal. The leadership, title departments, accounting, marketing and of course all the escrow teams working together in ways I have never seen before. It is truly a remarkable place to work and grow.”

-Sarah Osuna

“Mark and I have been very fortunate to have been working for Pioneer Title Agency for close to 25 years each now.  The Newlons have always been there for us and we feel very lucky to have been in their employment while our youngest daughter, Ashley was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease. The first words out of Keith’s mouth were basically, family is first, so don’t worry about your jobs. Whatever you need, time for appointments or whatever, not to worry.  At that time, the company was a lot, lot smaller then it is now, and he immediately reached out to the other employees asking to donate vacation time for Mark. I was under contract work for them, so vacation time didn’t concern me.  What we received was over whelming support from the employees of Pioneer. Mark got enough time for 1 full year of vacation time if needed.  We both felt if we had been employed by another company down in Phoenix during this time, we both would both have been kicked to the curb, telling us “oh well”, company before employees.  (this was before Pioneer entered the Maricopa market) During the 7 years that we were in and out of hospitals, doctor appointments, various other treatments, we never felt in danger of losing our positions with the company.  The Newlons were always checking in with Mark asking how Ashley was doing. Unfortunately, we lost the battle and our precious Ashley in 2014.  Again, the Newlons jumped right in and provided assistance with whatever we needed. We, Mark & I, are forever indebted to the Newlons and Pioneer. We plan on staying with them until they probably have to kick us out the door.  There is no other place we rather have been over the past 25 years. The dedication to their employees is just something you don’t find in many companies, if any.  Be it when we were about 75 employees small, to 825 plus large.  This is a company all about family!”

-Mark & Diane Monty

  “At Pioneer our money stays and works in Arizona! We are family first!”

– Edwin Lamoreaux

  “This is absolutely the best company I have ever worked for. It truly feels like we are one big family!! Our customers are wonderful!! I have met so many great people and have even developed friendships with some of them outside of the office. When someone asks me where I work I am so proud to say “Pioneer Title Agency”!!”

-Alison Shields-Bell

  “I love working for PTA, a family owned company, because it provides a personalization between ownership and team members, which removes that corporate/sterile feeling that you get when working with the other large corporate companies, where you are not a name, but rather a number”.

-Erich Reichenberger

  “I have never worked for another company that would have allowed me to take 6 weeks paid leave to welcome our foster kids. It’s starting to look like we will be able to adopt them and it wouldn’t have been possible without Pioneer Title Agency!”

– Ashlee Montenegro

  “I am so proud to call Pioneer Title Agency my work home! It is truly a place where people come first. Keith and Cindy care for the people who work here, and I feel that anytime I have the opportunity to interact with them! I don’t think any other company would give me the growth opportunities I have received at Pioneer Title Agency. I feel so lucky to be apart of the PTA legacy where we strive to leave things better.”

– Ashley Mett Peterson

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