Pioneer Title Agency In the News

February 8, 2018

Pioneer Title Agency’s Main Branch Continues to Give Back with Old School Program

Since its successful Cake Walk, which raised more than $370, our Main branch has created a number of other Old School projects throughout the year that raised a total of $4,599. That is incredible!

As you know, Pioneer Title has empowered each of its branches to get more involved with the local schools in their community through their Old School project. Each branch has been given paid time outside of the office to help local schools with various fundraising and other projects. And so far, our Main branch is on a roll!

Here’s the rundown on each of the philanthropic programs this branch has put on since Pioneer Title launched their Old School project last year:

In addition to these programs, the branch has also received $161 in cash donations. All of the money is being donated to Huachuca City school!