No, not Ron Swanson, nor Ron Weasley (we wish). We are talking about Remote Online Notarization!

It was 2AM, and a Pioneer Title escrow officer was logging onto his laptop getting ready for a signing. He logged onto the RON vendor’s website and was connected to the bright-eyed buyers. It was daytime in Papua New Guinea, where they were traveling, and they were ready to complete the purchase of their Arizona home. Next, they were connected to a notary. With the three parties present but also comfortably sitting in separate locations around the world, the loan documents (including the Deed of Trust) were signed quickly and conveniently. With buyers in another country without access to the embassy, signing documents was tricky, but with the convenience of Remote Online Notarization (RON), the deal closed on time (even if the signing was taking place at a highly unusual time). As the demand for online services continues to increase, digital changes are making an impact on the real estate and title industries including the notarizing process. Remote Online Notarization, the process of signing paperwork using audio-visual technology to appear before a notary instead of being physically present, is quickly being approved by states throughout the country. In April 2019, Senate Bill 1030 was passed and signed into Arizona law, which means Arizona notaries will be able to start providing this service beginning June 30, 2020[1]. However, there is no need to wait until 2020 to start using RON in Arizona real estate transactions. There are already notaries in other states who are approved to notarize for signers in any state (except Iowa). In Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN) has been used for a while, but it is important to note that RON is different. Digital signatures are used with IPEN, but the signer and notary are still required to be in each other’s physical presence, unlike RON where the signer and notary are in different physical locations but connected via audio/visual equipment. Pioneer Title has conducted several signings using RON and aims to be a leader in the industry by providing this service as well as educating its business networks about RON. Currently, one of Pioneer Title’s underwriters and over half of the counties in Arizona are accepting remote online notarized documents, however, these numbers are expected to expand. Not all transactions are ideal candidates for RON, but if someone is interested in trying it out, the option can be considered. This is an exciting new advancement that will eliminate some of the issues that could previously stop a closing in its tracks; no more delays due to customers being out of town or unable to schedule a signing during business hours. Pioneer Title is proud to add RON to its repertoire of ways to offer excellent service and convenience to its customers. [1]Macdougall, Andrew. “Arizona Becomes 7th State to Pass Remote Online Notarization Bill in 2019.” Legally Notarize Your Documents Online. Anytime. Anywhere., Notarize.com, 4 Apr. 2019, ww.notarize.com/blog/arizona-passes-remote-online-notarization-bill.