Scottsdale Kierland Branch's Erich Reichenberger Models for So Scottsdale Magazine

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Erich - So Scottsdale - May 2014Story by So Scottsdale Magazine “I think that if you look good, you feel good and are confident in yourself.” Confidence is key to success, but that is a lesson Erich Reichenberger learned long ago. “It can make a big different when you are out meeting with potential or existing clients. I believe clients and customers feel better about who they are doing business with if that person takes care of their appearance.” The current vice president and area manager of Pioneer Title Agency, Reichenberger isn’t just a savvy businessman, he’s a well-dressed one, as well. Stylish, but not without some help, Reichenberger had a pretty chic mentor: “My mom has amazing style,” he explains.“She is an artist and would always show me GQ growing up. She would point out the changing trends in fashion and styles.” Growing up observing the constant evolution of the fashion world struck a chord with  Reichenberger. “I have always learned to embrace the ever-changing style world that we live in. I get bored with the same everyday look, whether it be business/formal attire or casual attire. So I try to buy different apparel that will give me options to diversity my look.” That being said, he doesn’t mind borrowing a few styles from the past every once in a while. “I love seeing how styles recycle over the years and decades. I have so many vintage shirts and clothes from my dad and grandfather. I gave away three pairs of very nice wingtip shoes last year. Guess that was a little early—never thought they would make a comeback like they have.” Where do you like to shop? Nordstrom, Scottsdale Fashion Square, and Scottsdale Quarter. Do you have one piece or style that you consider your “signature?” I really like plain T-shirts—v-neck or crew neck, I don’t discriminate. I must have 30 different colors or shades and counting. Mix that with variations of pants and jeans and I would say that’s my signature style—but never at the office. I stay professionally dressed there at all times, unless the office is the golf course for the day. To view full story in So Scottsdale Magazine, please click here.