The Power of Prospecting

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Studies show the top real estate agents receive up to 75% of their business from referrals and past clients. A referral and prospecting campaign should be a crucial part of your marketing plan!  If you don’t have one yet, or your current plan needs some adjustments, we are here to help!  Why should you be focusing on referrals? Here are the stats:

  • It is the number one source of business: Referrals are the number one source of business for Real Estate Agents.
  • Stay in touch: 74% of clients will give a referral if you stay in touch.
  • Obtain new buyers: 42% of new buyers come from a referral.
  • Utilize Social Media: 75% of sellers find their real estate agent through social media.
  • Have a digital presence: Most customers found their real estate agent online.
Success comes from happy habits: Every day you choose not to prospect, you delay your potential income. But with as a busy real estate agent, it is easy to put prospecting on the backburner. The best way to implement a referral or prospecting campaign is by creating happy habits. Start by creating a schedule. First, choose a time each day to set aside to prospecting. Treat this time as an appointment by eliminating distractions and keeping the time blocked on your schedule. Then, commit to a minimum number of people you will talk to, we recommend at least ten! Lastly, change it up! Assign different activities or goals to each day of the week.  For example:
  • Monday: Call new leads and those in your pipeline. Pipeline looking slow? Reach out to friends and family. Try keeping track of anniversaries and birthdays to reach out to people the week of exciting times. 
  • Tuesday: reach out to your industry and referral partners. Have more time? Attend a networking event, CE class, home tour, or community event. 
  • Wednesday: Check-in on clients that closed in the last year, and you are currently in a transaction. Ask for a referral! 
  • Thursday: Go live on social media! Use a strong call to action then reach out to friends and family via social media messaging. 
  • Friday: Reach out to past clients. Check-in on them, offer a free home analysis, and (of course) ask for a referral!  
Need some additional ideas for prospecting? Here are a few:
  • Calling, emailing, texting, and social messaging
  • Handwritten notes
  • Lead generation follow up
  • Door knocking
  • FSBO prospecting
  • Geo-Farming prospecting
  • Offer annual real estate evaluations
  • Attend networking events
  • Host buyer & seller classes or events
  • Run social media ads and campaigns
Farm Campaigns to Generate Leads: One way many real estate agents generate leads and establish themselves as an expert is through farming. There are important things to do to make sure your farm is successful. First, make sure you pick an area that makes sense for you! Maybe it’s your own neighborhood! Or a community you recently closed in.  Tips for a Successful Farm:
  • Commit for 12 months
  • Choose the right farm for you and your business
  • Send postcards consistently 
  • Advertise in the community in other ways. (Run ads in the community publications, fund the community garage sale signage, etc.)
  • Create a Facebook community page
  • Host community events
  • Target customers online with social media ads, Google Adwords, and email campaigns
  • Doorknock
  • Host mega open houses or closing parties for the homes you represent in the neighborhood.
It is essential to find a schedule and style that fits you! Once you do that, stay committed. By making prospecting a priority, you are ensuring your future as a real estate agent! Need help with additional lead lists, postcards, property profiles, ideas, and more? Reach out to your local Pioneer Title Agency Marketing Rep today!  We would love to hear your thoughts and prospecting ideas! Share your comments on our social media post! Happy prospecting!