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Working from home (WFH) for the first time? Check out some tips and tricks to help adjust to our new normal.

Working from Home: 10 Tips for Ultimate Productivity:

  1. Stay on schedule – Stick to regular business hours, and as best as you can, your in-office routine.
  2. Get dressed – By showering, getting dressed, and preparing for the day as you would normally, tricks your mind into thinking that you are going somewhere, which in turn will help you be more prepared in taking on the day.
  3. Set deadlines – Plan out your day as you would normally. Start the day on-time, plan your tasks/projects, breaks, lunch time, and end work on time, or when you normally would.
  4. Have a weekly plan – Utilize your desk calendars/planners/Outlook calendar as you would if you were in the office.
  5. Utilize online communication tools – There are several options to communicate with your team members and customers: Skype instant messaging, GoToMeetings, Email, and your phone. Be sure to touch base with team members regularly about work, and to check-in on each other personally.
  6. Log out – Remove yourself from all distractions. This includes social media, personal email, the tv, etc. You don’t check your social media, or watch tv at work, so continue to keep it separate, and save it for you when “go home” after working from home.
  7. Take a break – Give yourself mental refreshes throughout the day, as you would at work. Step outside, go for a walk, get some coffee, stretch, and of course, take a lunch break.
  8. Have a dedicated workspace – Set yourself up for success and make your WFH space yours! Try and separate your space from any outside distractions, and where you will be most comfortable and productive.
  9. Check out productivity apps – Apps to help you with time management. Remember, it helps to plan your day, and find your WFH routine. You can also check out, LinkedIn, TEDtalks, Podcasts, Pinterest tips, etc. to help you navigate best practices.
  10. Maintain a healthy routine – Try to resist the fridge/snacking throughout the day. Plan your long walks to the fridge for lunch time, and planned snack breaks.

Practical Tips for Working at Home:

Start preparing for being out of the office, and working from home, today! That means preparing a new voicemail greeting, preparing a new signature block, stocking up on necessary belongings and office supplies you will need at home, identifying your work space set-up at home, talk with your managers/supervisors about their expectations while you are working remotely (such as when and how often to touch base, and to communicate when you are taking a break/lunch), and as always, ask for help if you need it! Be kind to yourself, be kind to each other, and we will arise through this together!


  • It will be new.
  • It will sometimes be awkward.
  • It will be a learning experience.
  • Many things you try, won’t work the first time.
  • Things will sometimes break, not work, or work differently than expected.
  • It will require patience, adaptability, and grace.
  • Things will just be different.

How to Manage Your Newly Remote Workforce:

Suddenly, much of the workforce is teleworking. Due to COVID-19, working from home is the new normal now. Given the urgency of the public health crisis, companies who didn’t have remote working in place had little time to institute policies for staff, ensure proper technology, or set-up training. Here are three ways to manage a newly remote workforce.

  • Establish routine check-ins
  • Consider setting office hour limits
  • Provide opportunities for remote connection

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