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Happy National Pizza Day!


It’s national Pizza day! This is a holiday we can totally get on board for (and sprinkle some extra cheese on top)! To help you celebrate this holiest of holidays in every corner of the state, we have rounded up the best places to find pizza! Oh, and we asked the locals (hint: it’s our awesome team members). 😉 Fun fact: with over 80 offices state wide, we are in every corner of Arizona. 

East Valley Team Members, Ashley Peterson and Shelli Engler enjoying some pizza!

So, grab the parmesan cheese and get ready for tour de pizza-Arizona edition! We asked our team members their favorite local pizza places and have the dish below:

Sierra Vista, AZ:  Vinny’s Pizza in Sierra Vista! It is SOOO good. Their wings are hands down the best wings I’ve ever eaten, and they have a lot of unique pizza flavors. My favorite is the pesto pizza. It was owned by a local man named Vinny. He unfortunately passed away too early in his life, but another man bought the restaurant and has kept the original feel!” – Amanda Laganosky (and the Fry Office seconds this!)

Tucson: “Brooklyn Pizza on 4th avenue is about the closest  to New York Napoleon style Pizza we have here in Tucson. My significant other is a self-acclaimed Pizza expert from Long Island NY and he is very particular about his Pizza.” – Cheryle Gonzales

Tucson: “New York Pizza 8771 E Broadway – family owned and operated” -Marianne Bourdeau

Thatcher: “My favorite is R&R Pizza on Hwy 70. Second favorite is Toni’s Kitchen and Pizzeria on Hwy 70!” – Rick Skinner

Tempe, AZ:Spinatos is the 💩, AND their ranch is so dope” – Chelsea Peterson

Mesa, AZ: “I don’t eat Pizza a lot, but I do love Barros” -Roberto Soberanis (fun fact, Barros is statewide)!

St. Johns: “We have Ditty’s Pizza. The one and only Pizza place in St. Johns.  It is family owned and operated and a wonderful place to get pizza, wings, salads, and Ice Cream.” – Kay Perkins

Florence: “Here in Florence we have A&M Pizza!” -Sandra Thornell

Kingman: “We have a fun little place here in town, Floyd and Company.  They have scrumptious pizzas with a variety of toppings – not just your run of the mill – how about smoked chicken?  Or Sopressata and Prosciutto?  With a basil pesto spread – what??  You can eat in and enjoy a cozy atmosphere or take it home, kick off your shoes and dive into the goodness!” – Vicki Wyatt

Prescott: “ROSA’S!” – Carolyn Savage

Yuma: Brenda Wehrle in our Financial Center loves Round Table

Pine: “I would have to say Old County Inn here In Pine for Pizza!” -Nick Gonzalez

Bisbee: “My favorite place is in Bisbee, about 30 minutes from my town – it is call The Screaming Banshee” -Savannah Eidson (The Fry office took a vote and this is one of their favorites too).

Show Low: “Love, love Pizza Factory here in Show Low!!” – Wendy Brown

San Luis: “The Supreme Pizza at 85350 Bar and Pizzaria!” -Juan Borrayo

Parker: “Parker is so tiny, we have two chains ( Dominos and Pizza Hut)and one small business , La Piazza Pizza. Really good breadsticks, roasted potatoes , pasta.” -Kathleen Torres

Kingman: “Floyd’s Woodfired pizza.  Thursday night pizza at Siren’s is good too, Lobster pizza” -Storm Hargrave

Phoenix: “Our branch likes to order Giant Rustic Pizza because their GIANT pizza feeds all of us for a great price! This local spot makes their pizza with the freshest ingredients and they also provide exceptional customer service when they deliver to us.” -Ryan Holland and the Park Place Office


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