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We were pretty excited to announce the arrival of RON. No, not Ron Swanson, nor Ron Weasley (we wish). We are talking about Remote Online Notarization! Since announcing RON we have had the opportunity to conduct a signing on nearly every continent. That’s pretty magical if you ask us.

Do you think you may need RON for your closing? Below, we are sharing all you need to know. If you think you will need to utilize this amazing new tool, communicate with your Escrow Officer and keep everyone in the loop on your travel plans.

WHAT IS RON? RON, or Remote Online Notarization, is the process of signing paperwork using audio-visual technology to appear before a notary instead of being physically present.

WHY USE RON? Convenience! Notaries are available 24/7, so once a signer has reviewed their documents they can sign at their leisure from anywhere in the world. WHAT IS REQUIRED FOR A RON TRANSACTION?
  • Buyers, Sellers, Lender, Underwriter, and Escrow Support must ALL approve the use of RON.
  • A RON Consent must be signed by the buyers and sellers (at least).
  • The County must accept RON documents.
  • An approved RON vendor must be used.
WHO IS REQUIRED TO BE PRESENT AT THE SIGNING? Like usual, only the notary and signer are required to participate, but it is possible for the escrow officer, lender, and/or agent to join the signing as well. The notary and signer are required to have both audio and visual connections; however, the other parties may choose to join with audio/visual as well or by phone only, if desired.

  • Social Security number
  • Government-issued ID
  • Internet access – Download speed of at least 5 mbps and upload speed of at least 3 mbps is required. – Internet speeds can be tested at www.speedtest.net • Device with web camera and audio – This can be a tablet/laptop/desktop with connected web camera. – Discourage signings on smart phones (especially for loan packages!), as the experience will be much more difficult.
  • Location free from interruption
  • Talk through the process with the signer before getting very far down this path and encourage them to find a good signing location and time that will be free from interruptions.
Click here for your own RON checklist!